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Schmilk Deluxe Bundle


The ultimate vegan surprise you could give to your fellow human yourself! Over 8 years in business, we've managed to pioneer and craft some far-out vegan milk chocolates that are astoundingly irresistible. There's no need to rely on the appalling and Earth-threatening Big Dairy industry to satisfy your milk chocolate cravings.  Purchasing this item not only makes for an awe-inspiring gift, but it also helps shift power from ruthless dairy corporations to citizens who care about the welfare of sentient beings and the planet.

That's why we say: #DitchMilkGoSchmilk!

Rest assured, our Peruvian cacao is fair trade, as well as our cashews!!!

This bundle includes all 13 of our currently available Schmilk vegan delicacies.

**Note: This is not a gift-wrapped item, though we plan to make this an option in 2021.**