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How does shipping work?

We currently ship via USPS and UPS. Shipping is free for orders over $65 (75$ during the warmer months) after a discount code is applied.

During the warmer months, we use ice packs and insulation when necessary, and we carefully look over the weather of each destination and time the safe delivery of your chocolates. Chocolate requires extra handling during this time, so you'll see a slight increase in shipping rates between May-October, depending on your location and destination weather. Typically, orders placed after Wednesday will ship the following Monday, so as to avoid chocolates sitting in a warm warehouse over the weekend.

If you're in a location where its frequently 100F+ , we strongly suggest you expedite your shipping via USPS Priority Express (1-Day Ship).


How do we make dairy-free chocolate?

Milk chocolate is typically made with the inclusion of dairy milk. This is what makes it creamy. The problem is, then, to find something to take over the role of the milk powder. With so many ingredients out there it's unsurprising that there is a solution. And while there are competitors that make dairy-free chocolate, no one has managed to make a true milk-tasting chocolate - but we have. Our winning Schmilk® recipe uses a combination of delicious and wholesome ingredients, and, of course, toasted cashews.

A lot of experimenting has gone into both the improved Schmilk® recipe and the process by which the recipe is created. Our creativity, experience, and devotion is what gives our milk free milk chocolate its milk-esque taste.


How does Schmilk® chocolate compare to traditional milk chocolate?

There is quite a bit of taste variation within the milk chocolate category. For example, Cadbury’s milk chocolate is easily distinguishable from Godiva and they’re both easily distinguishable from Lindt.

Schmilk® doesn’t taste just like any of these familiar milk chocolates. It differs subtly from each distinct milk chocolate, just as different dairy milk chocolates differ from each other. It is high quality, made with pure Puruvian cocoa butter - no foreign fats are added.


Is Schmilk "healthy"

We beleive that chocolate absolutely can be part of a healthy diet. That being said, out chocolate is not a "diet choicolate." We develop our recipes with one goal in mind: No Dairy. All Decadence.

We are a "nut" facility!

We rely on the lovely cashew nut to create arguably the most creamy-and-smooth experience in our milk chocolate alternatives. Some of our Schmilk selections have peanut, almond, and hazelnut inclusions.