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Dairy Free Chocolate Deluxe Gift Basket


This is the All-Out option. Gift it to your vegan loved one or lactose-intolerant friends, or even just to share among general chocolate lovers!


Over 9 years in business, we've managed to pioneer and craft some far-out vegan milk chocolates that are astoundingly irresistible. There's no need to rely on the appalling and Earth-threatening Big Dairy industry to satisfy your milk chocolate cravings. 

Purchasing this item not only makes for an awe-inspiring gift, but it also helps shift power from ruthless dairy corporations to citizens who care about the welfare of sentient beings and the planet.

Creamy and Smooth, Without the Moo!

Rest assured, our Peruvian cacao is fair trade, as well as our cashews!!!

This bundle includes all (now 14) of our currently available Schmilk vegan milk chocolate delicacies, PLUS our seasonal Vermont Maple Leaves. 15 products total.


To clarify, this is what's in The Bundle:

1. Schmilk Bar

2. Toffee Schmilk Bar

3. Salted Almond  Schmilk Bar

4. Raspberry Schmilk Bar

5. White Chocolate leaves

6. Dark Chocolate Leaves

7. Peanut Butter Bliss Bites (4-Pack)

8. Hazelnut Crunch Truffles (4-Pack)

9. Mocha Hazelnut Truffles (4-Pack)

10. Caramel Swirls (4-Pack)

11. Roasted Marshmallow Hugs

12. Marshmallow Hugs

13. Cruncher Bar!

14. Hazelnut Praline Bar!

15. Vermont Maple Leaves

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