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Who is Dairy Free Chocolate for?

Posted by Jake Flores on

Schmilk Chocolate’s dairy free chocolate has everything chocolate lovers want, but might be missing in their lives- if they are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy, if they keep kosher, or if they’re vegan or freegan. Introduce it to omnivores in your life and see how much they love it too!

At Schmilk Chocolate we recognize that our customers have different reasons for avoiding dairy, and we’re thrilled to be able to satisfy the cravings of all dairy-avoiding milk chocolate lovers, while also showing respect to our cow friends. Here are some perspectives representing the views of the diverse group of Schmilk Chocolate lovers.

dairy free chocolate

The Lactose Intolerant Perspective: Dairy-free chocolate means lactose-free.

Avoiding lactose is not a choice- it’s basic survival for getting through your day when your digestive system can’t process lactose. Did you know that 65-70% of adults worldwide have lactose intolerance??

The percentage varies by region, being close to 100% in east Asia. Lactose intolerance shows up to a much lesser degree in populations of European descent, which aligns with how dairy has historically been more heavily used in traditional European cuisines.

Once the Swiss invented milk chocolate in the late 1800s, it wasn’t long before almost everyone became seduced by its rich flavor and smooth and creamy texture. But for most of the world, dairy causes digestive upset. This is why we need Schmilk Chocolate!

The Dairy-Allergic Perspective: Dairy free chocolate is the only chocolate.

Unlike people suffering from lactose intolerance, a dairy allergy is more than a digestive issue. When you eat or drink something containing milk, your body produces an immune response that can range from hives to anaphylaxis. Dairy allergies are the most common allergy for children in the USA. What a bummer it would be if these foodies had to miss out on the world’s favorite confection…

Luckily, the Schmilk Chocolate team is here for you! All the deliciousness of your most chocolatey dreams, but without a drop of dairy.

The Kosher perspective: Pareve chocolate means freedom to indulge at any time!

Over 22% of American Jews keep kosher, and we are here for you! Observing traditional rules around food is important for many to feel connected to their roots, their culture, and religion.

Dairy free chocolate kosher certified

For someone who keeps kosher, milk and meat consumption must be completely separate. For home cooking and eating, different sets of plates and utensils are used for fleishig (meat/egg) dishes, and milchig (milk) dishes. According to tradition, six hours must pass between switching from fleishig to milchig. That’s a long time to wait if a milk chocolate craving has kicked in. Oy vey!

It’s a good thing that our dairy free chocolate is certified Kosher Pareve, by MK kosher. Pareve means neither milchig nor fleishig, so pareve food can be enjoyed without restriction.

The Plant-Based Eater’s Perspective: Dairy free for optimum health!

We hear from many of our customers that they feel healthiest on a plant-based diet. Human bodies vary widely, but it’s true that for many in our species, a balanced plant-based diet can be ideal for optimizing health. In particular, cashews are wonderful for our health, being rich in antioxidants and minerals that promote heart health, healthy blood, bones and skin. Hurray for dairy free chocolate with no cholesterol, and more antioxidants!

The Vegan Perspective: Dairy free chocolate for peace and love.

All the cows can run free and rejoice,
The addicts have a more polite choice!

Vegans have gotten a lot of flak over the years, but this is finally turning around, now that climate change is beating us over the head, and it’s easier than ever to look up what life on a factory farm is like.

Vegans are a diverse bunch, but most care a lot about the wellbeing of fellow sentient beings, and the Earth. This naturally extends to caring about supporting fair trade, and supporting the organic movement. We all want to share peace and love on Earth, while still having our dairy free chocolate fantasies fulfilled!

The Freegan Perspective: Pure satisfaction, no inner conflict.

The Freegan perspective is close to my heart. Freegans are similar ideologically to vegans, but also really want to resist corporate power, because mainstream business causes so much harm. A strict freegan won’t buy anything, preferring to use what others throw away, rather than support the corporatocracy. Most believe it’s consistent with their values to support vegan creators who are committed to fairness in trade.

The Freegan Perspective

Some freegans also point out that they help make the vegan movement more relatable to omnivores. I might request a vegan alteration at a restaurant, and seek out gourmet vegan chocolate, but hey, I also love dumpster cheese. Most people are obsessed with cheese, so we can relate. Freegans give purpose to abandoned delicacies of all sorts, and can also feel good about treating themselves to our gourmet dairy free chocolate from time to time.

The Omnivore Perspective: Yes to chocolate innovation!

Many people who have no dietary restrictions, self-imposed or otherwise, remain open to dairy-free alternatives. Why not? It’s always exciting to expand our horizons on deliciousness!

People often tell us they can’t believe our chocolate is dairy free. From a milk chocolate lover, we take this as a big compliment. Thank you! We offer a wide variety of dairy free chocolate sensations- something for everyone to love.

Words from the Founders

Schmilk Chocolate was founded on the basis of love for the Earth, its sentient beings, and our fellow chocolate lovers near and far. We appreciate all of these perspectives. As we shift together towards a more just, and inclusive existence that’s still full of fun and deliciousness, we’re honored to be able to share our love through the very best dairy free chocolate we can make.

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