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Why Can’t Vegans Eat Chocolate?

Posted by Jake Flores on

Most vegans have sweet memories of milk chocolatey good times- Halloween feasting, Easter egg hunts, Hanukkah gelt, Christmassy chocolate boxes. As a teen I remember sometimes just eating a large Twix bar for lunch. For chocolate lovers who avoid dairy, milk chocolatey joy and comfort for your inner child was sadly out of reach before Schmilk came along…

Dairy-laden chocolate can be hard to resist, but committed pre-Schmilk-era vegans sacrificed their satisfaction in order to avoid supporting the evil dairy industry. Why can’t vegans eat chocolate?

The purchase of chocolate that contains dairy gives large-scale herd-owners an incentive to squeeze as much milk/profit from the udders of the sentient beings under their purview. Cows are constantly impregnated by force, and their calves are immediately carted off to other areas of the industry- for veal, or back into the dairy industry. A large scale dairy farm is a very unhappy place. Vegans are sensitive to the issue, and therefore don’t feel they can indulge in dairy chocolate.

What Ingredients are in Vegan Chocolate?

Ingredients in vegan milk chocolate

Things have changed a lot on the vegan chocolate landscape since I was going vegan in college back in 2008. Back then I would sometimes fantasize about my old favorites, and then try to satisfy the craving with a different vegan sweet, like a vegan cookie or chocolate almond milk pudding. Eventually I managed to break the mental pattern of the cravings, but still, I always wished for a vegan milk chocolate.

Finally, Schmilk Chocolate is here- delicious and truly satisfying for those milk chocolate cravings. Each ingredient we use is vegan and carefully selected to craft the indulgent milk chocolate experience we’ve been waiting for.

Here is a list of ingredients found in vegan chocolate!

Cocoa paste, also known as cocoa liquor:

This is what you get when you roast cacao beans, remove the husks, and grind them up. Pure cocoa liquor is very dark, and not sweet at all. It is full flavored just like the cacao beans it is ground from, and not sweet at all. It is also considered to be a superfood!

  • It boasts higher levels of antioxidants per gram than blueberries, red wine, pomegranates, and blueberries.
  • It contains a high level of magnesium, as well as calcium, zinc, copper and selenium.
  • Cacao also triggers production of the brain’s feel- good chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine.

There is also a LOT to say about the flavor of cocoa beans, the only ingredient in cocoa paste, or cocoa liquor. At Schmilk Chocolate, we use a pure and delicious Peruvian cacao that has a deep chocolate backbone, notes of caramel, and a savory biscuity aroma. It goes amazingly well with the soft subtle nuttiness of the cashew, and wholesome vanilla.

Cocoa butter

A hard fat at room temperature, cocoa butter is obtained from pressing heated cacao paste so hard that the fat separates out, leaving cocoa powder behind. Many vegan chocolates use extra cocoa butter in their recipes, including some dark chocolates, and Schmilk Chocolate.

Pure vegan sugar

Sugars of different kinds are vegan-friendly as long as they aren’t processed with bone char, which is the case for most white sugar. For our Schmilk, we use organic pure cane sugar.


Cashews in vegan milk chocolate

We use organic and fair-trade cashews to create the perfect dairy substitute for use in milk chocolate. No one else makes milk chocolate Schmilk-style!


Vanilla is a lovely touch in a vegan milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Some vegan dark chocolates out there also contain vanilla.

Sunflower lecithin

We use organic sunflower lecithin instead of the typical soy lecithin so that more people can enjoy Schmilk. The role of lecithin is to perfect the mouthfeel of chocolate. Smooth and unctuously creamy…

With these lovely ingredients, it’s possible to create a range of absolutely indulgently delicious chocolates, all that vegans can eat.

What Chocolates Can Vegans Eat?

What kind of chocolate can vegans eat?

Vegans can truly delight in any chocolate that contains only vegan ingredients like these. There are many higher-end dark chocolates that are good options, and now there is also Schmilk! We do have a lovely vegan dark chocolate, but our focus has always been to solve the vegan milk chocolate problem!

Our line is made up of vegan milk chocolate bars and bites, and covers a growing list of favorite traditional chocolate flavor sensations. From Schmilk with Toffee, to Hazelnut Praline, to Cruncher bars, to Peanut Butter filled, to Caramel Swirls, to our lovely Golden White chocolate bar, our aim is to ease the troubles of the vegan milk chocolate lover.

Can Vegans Eat Dark Chocolate?

The best dark chocolate out there is dairy-free already, and vegan if it’s made with organic (bone-char-free) sugar. Much of the cheaper dark chocolates out there do contain dairy however- and therefore are not vegan-friendly.

Dark chocolate that showcases high quality cacao doesn’t have a use for dairy, which is used to help cut costs when the main ingredient is lacking in a balanced flavor due to poor bean quality or roast. Just remember to check the ingredients if you are trying to avoid dairy! Note that any sugar that’s organic is also vegan. Some non-organic sugar is also bone-char free, but it can be hard to tell if the chocolate isn’t labeled as vegan.

What makes chocolate non-vegan?

Vegan milk choclate

Any chocolate that contains dairy, eggs, or sugar processed with bone char, is non-vegan. Any chocolate that avoids these things is probably vegan, and most likely will say so on the package.

At Schmilk Chocolate, our mission is to help ourselves and others avoid dairy while still experiencing the pure joy that comes from eating your favorite foods. All of our chocolate delicacies are vegan- the Dark, the Schmilk, and the White! Our Schmilk and White Chocolates are made with a cashew dairy substitute that’s just right for chocolate. Our Dark chocolate is easily vegan, because of the high quality of our cacao. We know there’s a lot of good dark chocolate out there, but ours is especially smooth and flavorful, and we love that it completes our vegan chocolate lineup.

A word from the dairy free Dark bar itself…

Deep darkness, oh so velvety,
Some may question my Schmilk Identity.

Though I am beloved among my crew-
A balanced seventy-two, to cacao I am true.

Take me to picnics at the park?
Can’t help but love me, I’m Schmilk! Gone Dark.

At Schmilk Chocolate we are all about veganizing all of your favorite chocolate experiences. It’s our sole focus, and what we are here to do!

Are you a chocolate lover who avoids dairy? Our customers range from those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, to vegans and freegans, to those who keep kosher or follow a plant-based diet. Many omnivores who come across Schmilk keep coming back for more as well! Check out our selection of dairy-free chocolate delights!

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